Taking time in checking our website and reading this blog is one of the fantastic supporting tools for your selection making, you would like to reflect on consideration on all the statistics concerning what kind you pick out in the following:

a. Tourist Visa
b. Fiance Visa
c. Spousal Visa
d. Family Visa
e. Green Card
f. US Citizenship

Anyways, to help you to decide with here's our tips,

"I’d love to travel around the world, and one of my next spots is US but I don’t want to go to a long and tiring process of visa application. Would you suggest something that is most probably easier?"

Sure, The Tourist Visa service is the one you're looking for, the process is very easy, simple, and convenient. This was exactly for you since you are a traveler and this one is designed for non-US citizens that want to travel and have some fun in the U.S. within a span of time.

How to overcome my homesickness? Because I have two kids left in the other country and I want them to be here beside me in the U.S. since I'm already a citizen here. I really don’t know what to do about this, Can you help me regarding my situation?

Family really that matters, we as the founder of Bonafide Visa had already been there in your situation, it's really hard to leave someone that you love the most! And want to spend your every single day with them, that’s why we offer you our solution Family Visa service,

"In my ten year stay in U.S. with my partner, I'm thinking if I am capable for U.S. citizenship since I'm decided to stay with him forever. Can you help me regarding my petition for naturalization?"

Most people who are applying for the application for naturalization are already familiar with the immigration procedures. So I think you too! However, we understand that it can be a difficult process and you might need assistance!

We crossed worlds to meet and finally fell in love with each other and like to settle home, What will I do? I don’t want to lose him just because I left the US.

We understand your situation and want to help you out. If you really fell in love with each other you must try to apply for a ​spousal visa. ​This allows you to petition for your foreign-national spouse to be granted legal entry and live with you in the US as your alien relative.