I was worried because I don’t feel that our LDR status will work, is there anything that you can do in my situation?

It’s really hard to get on a long distance relationship status, you don’t have any assurance if you still have the same intimacy with each other and Bonafide Visa understand that.

Worry no more! for we offer you our ​Fiancee Visa​ and be with your special someone and enjoy your moments together.

Our journey through petition began while we were still dating. Actually, with little to no reference nor help, we didn’t even know where to begin! And when we began, each step henceforth was met with nothing short of difficulty and inconvenience.

Fiancee Visa Application​ is the best choice if you want to avoid the lengthy immigration process because we’re here to assist you, fill in your documents, and walk you through, step by step, to make sure you have everything you need well beyond the reach of our ​Fiancee Visa processing time​. It would be very helpful for you especially when you decided to be with your Honey pie or special someone and planning to have a wedding or trips.

Fiancee Visa requirements​ are: you must be a US citizen, you and your fiancee must be legally free to be married to each other or You and your fiancee must have met in person prior to petitioning for this visa​. Fiancee visa cost is for only $699 then your hassle free and your in to fill out .