How to overcome my homesickness? Because I have two kids left in the other country and I want them to be here beside me in the U.S. since I'm already a citizen here. I really don’t know what to do about this, Can you help me regarding my situation?

Family really that matters, we as the founder of Bonafide Visa had already been there in your situation, it's really hard to leave someone that you love the most! And want to spend your every single day with them, that’s why we offer you our solution Family Visa service, which allows you to petition for your foreign-national family member to be granted legal entry and live with you as your alien relative.

Family Visa will help you to be with your children, siblings, and your parents or if you are permanent US resident this can apply also to your unmarried children, so worry no more! We will be very happy to see your family become united again!