Taking time in checking our website and reading this blog is one of the fantastic supporting tools for your selection making, you would like to reflect on consideration on all the statistics concerning what kind you pick out in the following:

a. Tourist Visa
b. Fiance Visa
c. Spousal Visa
d. Family Visa
e. Green Card
f. US Citizenship

Anyways, to help you to decide with here's our tips, If you prefer to go to and enjoy your stay abroad inside a span of time, most probably you need the ​Tourist Visa​, next thing when you're already enjoying your stay abroad and luckily you found someone that you want to live with ​Fiance Visa is something you want to consider, another if you already in the stage of your relationship that you want to build a home together you probably need ​Spousal Visa​, when you are already settled and you left your parents or anyone of your family members in another country and you want them to be with you. You should apply for​ Family Visa ​or try​ Green card ​and ​US Citizenship​ if you want them to be naturalized.