Oh America! Who wouldn't love the Hollywood? The city lights in New York? And the fabulous Las Vegas Nevada?

"The Great American Dream" as what they call it, the thought of moving and living in one of the most attractive countries in the world.

So if you are one of those who plans to move in the United States, here are 6 more reasons to why love America:

1.) Higher income and job opportunities
One of the main reasons why most of the people want to go to America is because of its high average wage. Especially when it comes to the tech industry, where the job is high in demand. If you got the skill that American Company needs, maybe it’s your time to shine.

2.) Healthcare
America's healthcare system is undeniably one of the best. Hospitals in the US are well equipped and the medical staff are all well-trained with the best knowledge of medical innovation and treatment. Employers in the US usually offers healthcare packages that cover the employee's partners and children.

3.) Education
Your children's education matters to you, so do in the US. If you will be taking your children with you to the US, you don't need to worry. The US is very famous with the Ivy League, the top universities in the world. The quality of education in the US is so high that it is being recognized across the world.

4.) Equality and Cultural Diversity
When it comes to equality and diversity, America is one of the best countries to live in. No matter what race you came from, or no matter what your gender orientation is, Americans will gladly open their doors for you. America is also accepting immigrants from around the world, without thinking twice.

5. ) Optimism
There is no room for negativity in America. What made America great is its “can-do” attitude. Americans do their work positively with or without risk. They believe that every challenge that they will encounter are just a part of their training in their everyday lives.

6.) Great for entrepreneurs and innovators
The economic strength of the United States is undeniably stable and reserve. Americans are hardworking to the point that only 5.5% of its population are unemployed.US is among the top five countries in workforce productivity. This is one of many sources of great entrepreneurs and innovators around the world.