1. Meeting other people
"Go out of your comfort zone" the usual phrase that we encounter every day. Traveling enables us to connect to the world, physically. In every destination, there are a lot of new faces that you're able to connect with. Building rapport with other people is a bit challenging in today's world but it is definitely worth it in the end. The world is a big network, connect yourself now!

2. Openness to other cultures
Differences. It is one of the reasons why people are having a hard time dealing with each other. In traveling, we will have the chance to know and experience other cultures and lifestyles. It will make us understand how culture works in each one of us, together with its value. And it will open our perspective towards the beauty of harmonious differences of everybody.

3. A gain of understanding and knowledge
One of the best perks of traveling is gaining knowledge. Not just knowledge about yourself, but also about the world. Your brain will enhance its capability in understanding different perspectives, let you think differently. Keep this knowledge and share it with the world!

4. Taking opportunities for traveling
We can't deny the fact that traveling is one of the best ways for us to see new opportunities. In every destination that we will be taking, there is a door that is waiting for us to open. The world is a big book that is waiting to be opened, page by page. Don't be scared! It is now time for you to explore and try new things!

5. Happiness and Satisfaction
It may be considered as the greatest benefit of traveling. Visiting other countries, and experiencing their activities brought happiness and satisfaction in one’s self. Scientists say that it gives positive energy to our brain, which then affects our whole being.